“Since I have been under care I have seen an improvement in my range of motion and pain level in my neck. Mostly, I have seen an incredible improvement in shoulder pain and range motion. Before going to Infinite Chiropractic, I was contemplating surgery due to lack of mobility and consistent pain level of my shoulder. I am now able to do push ups again and sleep through the night without pain. I was even taking ibuprofen fairly regularly for the pain and now I rarely ever take it!”

“The results have been unbelievable. I pulled my back picking up my kids multiple times, and now under care I haven’t had any issues since. I have been running and working out better than before as well. I am walking taller and feeling much less tightness in my lower back. Unexpectedly, I am now breathing much better without the congestion I typically experience. I was a serial Afrin (decongestant) user but no need for that anymore. I have also notices a sharp decline in my heartburn/acid reflux.

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“My middle to lower back and hip pain are about completely gone! In just 2 weeks I was noticing significant improvement! Before coming to Infinite Chiropractic, walking, sleeping and sitting without discomfort was extremely difficult.”